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Bing Zhuo

Mr. Zhuo joined BVCF in 2008. As head of BVCF's Beijing office, Mr. Zhuo is responsible for deal sourcing and execution in the Beijing and Northern China areas. He is also actively involved in developing BVCF's relations and cooperation with the Chinese government.

He has over 20 years of experience in the life sciences industry in China, serving in the roles of Representative Officer to China of the World Health Organization, Vice Director of the Technology Incubation Center at Beijing Zhongguancun Shangdi Biomedicine Industrial Park, Senior Manager of Hangzhou SETS Biopharmaceutical Company and International Biopharmaceutical Group, founder of Beijing GSETS Biopharmaceutical Company, and consultant for Zhongguancun Daxing Biomedical Park.

Mr. Zhuo earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacology at Sichuan Medical University and earned his EMBA from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.