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Biocytogen Announced the Completion of 970 Million RMB in D+ Round of Financing
Sept 15, 2020
Beijing Biocytogen CO., Ltd. ("Biocytogen") announced that it has completed a D+ round of financing of 970 million RMB. This is another milestone after Biocytogen merged with Youhe Medicine in August this year.

Dr. Shen Yuelei, Chairman and CEO of Biocytogen, said: "The funds raised in this round will strongly support the rapid implementation of the One Thousand Mice with Ten Thousand Antibodies Program. With the progression of the Program, Biocytogen will cooperate with many domestic and overseas pharmaceutical companies in order to accelerate the development and approval of innovative drugs to benefit the patients."

"We are very grateful to CMB International, the lead investor in this round, and the investment partners including SDIC Ventures, China Life Equity, Bencao Capital, Tongchuangweiye, and Baifu Capital, etc., for their continued trust in Biocytogen and making it the global leader in drug innovation."

Source: https://vcbeat.top/NTI0YjQwYmNlYWJlMzE1YzIzNTI2MmUzNzAxNjFlMjI=