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GenEros Biopharma Ltd.

GenEros Biopharma Ltd. is founded by Prof. Xin-Yuan Fu, a well-known biochemist and enthusiastic biotech entrepreneur who co-discovered the JAK-STAT pathway in early 1990s. JAK-STAT pathway is the key signaling pathway first elucidated by modern biology and plays a critical role in immunity, development and tumorigenesis. About six drugs targeting JAKs have been approved by FDA and created 6 billion US$ sales annually.

GenEros Biopharma Ltd. is focusing on the development of First-In-Class autoimmune and anti-inflammation therapeutics based on the breakthrough discovery of a novel T helper lineage by Prof. FU and the team at the National University of Singapore, who identified an unappreciated role of STAT5 in T cell development and the novel Th-GM subtype of T helper lineage for major autoimmune diseases.

The major product of the Company is the innovative medicine for rheumatoid arthritis (RA), multiple sclerosis (MS) and other autoimmune diseases which targets the Th-GM lineage through small-molecule   inhibitor against the key factors on the signaling pathway. The products aim to complement the current anti-TNFα blockbuster therapy from a unique and independent mechanism.