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AcuVu Inc. and AcuVu Suzhou have developed an advanced endoscopy disruptive platform utilizing the state of art image sensor to improve endoscopy diagnostics and surgical procedures that rely on high-quality digital imaging. This platform consists of disposable cannula, image processing unit, and a flat panel display on a tower. The endoscopy system platform makes diagnostic and surgical endoscopy procedure easy to perform and reduces the medical cost. In addition, the high-quality digital imaging can be transmitted through high speed Internet that provides tools for remote medical diagnostic.

AcuVu products initially are focused on endoscopy surgical applications that hospitals and physicians can have higher reimbursements rate from insurance companies. Because AcuVu developed disposable cannula that eliminates device sterilization process, it provides cost effective way to allow minimum invasive clinical procedures moving from hospital OR to clinical office. As a second product, lower cost diagnostic endoscopy can address mass diagnostic procedures in doctors office. The elimination of cross contamination during the clinical procedures can significantly reduce endoscopy medical cost. With endoscopy clinical procedure reimbursement cost structure, AcuVu products will address high gross margin surgical procedures and lower gross margin, but mass diagnostic procedures. AcuVu product lines will make great profit for company to succeed and provide excellent financial returns for investors.