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VivaLNK, Inc.

VivaLNK enables healthcare providers to reduce cost and better serve their patients, by providing an integrated medical IoT platform with actionable data. This platform is composed of the worlds most comprehensive ambulatory vital sign wearable monitor, edge computing with AI algorithms, and cloud health AI data analytics.

A Band-Aid sized medical-grade multi-vital ambulatory monitor, including ECG, Respiration, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature (currently in a separate device), for wireless patient monitoring.  They are used in different verticals such as cardiovascular disease monitoring, pharma trial, sleep management, senior care, etc.  Additional AI algorithms are under development, in collaboration with top research institutions, for cardiovascular disease detection such as heart failure.

The Company provides its remote patient vital monitoring Platform as a Service to over 90 commercial customers and 8 research institutions.  Examples include Bioclinica, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, Mercy Hospital, University of California San Francisco medical school, Stanford medical school, Shanghai Fudan University.