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Shanghai Cingular Biotech

Cingular Biotech is a class III medical device company, with a focus on implantable and regenerative material and devices. The company is founded by Dr. Jun Yang in Shanghai in 2010, who is the former Chief Scientist at Edwards Life Sciences, a world leading heart valve company and has over 20 years experience in the field. The core team of Cingular Biotech is world-class and highly experienced with the ambition to make Cingular Chinas Edwards Lifesciences.

The company has its own IPs and its primary products are the surgical implantable, esp. in the cardio vascular surgical field, currently have three products, Bovine Pericardial Valve (approved), Dura Membrane (registration trial completed in 2nd half years 2015) and Pericardial Patch (start registration trial 2015).  All three products will complete registration process by 2021 and enter into the phase of commercialization.