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Yidu Healthcare

Happy Life Technology (Yidu) was founded in April 2013 as a medical big-data company. The key to Yidu 's core competitiveness is its self-developed data intelligence infrastructure YiduCore. YiduCore has efficient medical data processing technology capabilities. Authorized medical data is further standardized and structured using YiduCore's technology so that computers can understand, process, and analyze medical data easily.

Based on the well-developed data platform, Yidu processes massive multi-source heterogeneous healthcare data, generates full life cycle medical data of patients which can be traced and supervised, and to build real world disease models by in-depth processing and analyzing, thus enabling effective policy-making and precise healthcare regulations, efficient clinical research and effective hospital management, improved life sciences R&D and commercialization effectiveness, and intelligent personal health management. As of the reporting date, the company has signed contracts or deployed data platform with about 70 top hospitals across 20+ provinces in China.

Collaborating with these top-tier hospitals, the company has established the largest medical data platform in China with the most comprehensive data and the most transparent data production process. As of the reporting date, Yidu has accumulated and processed data spanning 13 years, covering more than 300 million patients and over 1.3 billion medical records.