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Extong Technology

Extong is an e-healthcare platform, characterized by physicians multi-site practice and tiered treatment, with active participations of doctors as a basis, and micro clinics as its operation units, facilitating communication between doctors and patients endorsed by the Henan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission.

Combining SMS platform, internet and mobile internet technology with the specific demand of the health system, Extong uses email, network interface, short message, voice and other wireless access methods, to form a bridge among hospitals, doctors and patients, expand the scope and availability of care, improve the utilization of medical resources as well as the service efficiency of the hospitals. As the sole authority medical information platform of Henan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, Extong provides a full range of medical information to patients, doctors and hospitals.

Extong has now become a supplementary system, an Internet + medical healthcare system”, for the government to implement governmental work for tiered treatment and family doctors, etc.