BVCF delivers outsize, venture-like returns, by taking limited, growth-equity risk in the unique industry of healthcare in China.

Paul A. Gorman, Mayo Clinic

We admire Zhi and BVCF‘s vision - they have taken the initiative to invest in a dynamic and important field, and done so with rare ability.

Frank Torti, MD, NEA

I am most impressed with BVCF‘s independent thinking and proprietary deal sourcing. Every year, BVCF comes out with the kind of deal which can really make you think, "Darn, why did I not find this?"

Yi Shi, PhD, Lilly Asia Ventures

I took a walk by the river early one morning, and I saw the older folks practicing Tai Chi. Then I thought to myself, When I’m 80, and I’m doing Tai Chi here, what will I talk to them about? How much money is in my bank account? I want to be able to say, even if it’s to one out of tens of thousands of people, "That medicine you use, I made that."

Shen Chun, Founder and CEO of Genova

BVCF is really a value-added investment. They have been so supportive, and on behalf of the management team, I appreciate their continued support.

Zhang Guohua, PhD, CEO of Novast



Rising Demand for Healthcare Services

  • Aging population; increasingly unhealthy lifestyle and more flexibility on “One Child” policy
  • Increasing urbanization; expansion of basic infrastructure and access to medicines
  • Rising disposable income

Evolving Healthcare Sector

  • Today, China is the 2nd largest healthcare market after the U.S.
  • Emerging innovations driven by over 230,000 Chinese life sciences returnees to China in the last five years, especially in the medical devices, IVD and innovative therapeutics including immunotherapy, DNA sequencing, etc.
  • Rapid expansion of hospital privatization bringing in competition, offering alternatives and improving efficiency of the healthcare system

Strong Policy Support for Growth

  • Life sciences named one of the seven “strategic pillars” for future economic growth
  • Expanded insurance coverage through the introduction of different schemes including commercial insurance
  • Streamlined and accelerated regulatory approval process to encourage local innovation






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