GO BACKNovember 16, 2015

News and Milestones


Novast has become China’s first and only pharmaceutical company to gain U.S. FDA approval for its finished drugs and place them on the U.S. market. Total US FDA approved drug reached 21.


Visunex received CFDA registration permit for PanoCam LT product in March 2015. FDA approval is expected in Q4 2015.


CARsgen launched its Phase I clinical trial in March 2015 using its proprietary immunotherapeutic agents (CAR-T cells) to treat cancer patients with advanced HCC and GBM.  The clinical trial data to date has been excellent. CARsgen is developing a proprietary pipeline on a wide range of solid tumors.


Yidu is China’s “Google of Healthcare,” specializing in the consolidation, integration and interpretation of the massive medial data generated at top hospitals in China.


MicuRx has completed the US and China Phase II clinical trials with the report pending on their “anti-superbug” new antibiotic, which is a class 1.1 new drug in China.


Genova, in Q3 2015, signed a term sheet with a Swiss company on the technology licensing for one insulin product.


Cingular has completed clinical trials for its Dura Membrane product and expects to receive regulatory approval in late 2015; Cingular also began clinical trials for its tissue heart valve products in August 2015.


Allgens’ breakthrough products were featured in Science Magazine and reported in the Nature Magazine. Allgens has maintained explosive growth in 2015. The year-on-year revenue growth rate is over 100%.


Jaguar Animal Health, Inc. announced its initial public offering of 2,860,000 shares of its common stock at a price to the public of $7.00 per share on 13 May 2015 (Nasdaq: JAGX).


Yaowang has more than 50,000 drugs on its website, covering 95% of the drugs listed in National Basic Medical Care Insurance Medicine Catalogue. It has become the largest e-commerce platform for OTC drugs in China.


Biocytogen’s NSG mice are internationally recognized as the highest level of immune deficiency mice, which is best suited for human stem cell or tissue transplantation.